Arnoldo A. Moreno

Major:IMG_9232 Marketing & General Studies

Year: Senior

Nickname: EL Don #14, AKA SUMO, AKA Superman

Initiated: Spring 2014

Line: Alpha Nu “Cerberus”

Hometown: Pasco, Wa


Arnoldo does not like focusing on accomplishment, but instead sets goals that will lead and encourage him to do great things. He hopes to graduate with both his majors and find employment in a company or marketing firm and move up the corporate ladder after graduation.


When asked why he joined GIO he said “Like the great Mike Leach said, “Well that’s a stupid question”.” Arnoldo joined GIO because of the bond he had with the individuals after transferring from CBC, a community college in his hometown Pasco, WA. He says “These individuals were my first friends as well as helped me adapt to the change it meant to come to a 4-year institution. They help me and supported me through tough times and I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t because of them. Now I want to do the same through my time left in school. As a GIO WSU alumni I want to be able to help my organization in continuing growing as well as being a role model.”