Daniel Rodriguez

Major: English – Professional Writing & Rhetoric

Minor(s): Sport Management, Communications, Spanish

Graduated: Spring 2015

Nickname: El Patron #1

Initiated: Spring 2012

Line: Alpha Iota “The Legacy”

Hometown: Grandview, Wa

Currently Residing: Washington, D.C.

Contribution: While an active member of GIO, Daniel was strongly involved with the conception and foundation of the judiciary process of GIO. As a Neophyte and inspired by the need for a more accountable judiciary process for all the members, Daniel advocated to change the GIO bylaws and strengthen the pillars of GIO. He was also involved in the recruitment of the Infinite7 who then eventually became strong leaders in the organization today. As VP of GIO he also spearheaded the Genaro Lopez Corona Scholarship as a way to forever commemorate the struggles of late brother Genaro—BB #509, a member of The Legacy line, who passed away in the Fall of 2013. Daniel then continued a long leadership tenure in the organization as President his senior year where he assisted in the development and enhancement of the GIO bylaws as they are today. In a brief stint as Bantam Educator, Daniel also instructed and welcomed the Cerberus line in the Spring of 2014.

Daniel joined GIO because he wanted to be a part of an organization that would let him succeed while also serving the community. As a strong leader and member of various other clubs he was able to do get involved without GIO taking away his identity. The philanthropy of GIO also drew Daniel to the organization, as Diabetes is a disease that resonates well with Daniel and his family. Daniel also sought a family away from home that would support him and Gallo was exactly the organization for him. Daniel enjoyed every moment as an active GIO member and now continues to assist GIO as an alumni.