Luis Magaña

Position: Treasurer

Major: Environmental and Ecosystem Science

Minor: N/A

Year: Senior

Nickname: El Bombon

Initiated: Spring

Line: La primera generacion

Hometown: Colima, Mexico

Lifelong Goal: my current goal is to graduate from washington state university and try to provide for my parents as they have their entire life, I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for the sacrifices they have made for me and my siblings and truly grateful for their help and I really hope I can return everything they have done for me

Why did you join GIO?: from the first event I attended from GALLO week to the last one I always felt welcome with them, they even advise me and a couple of other interests to check other organizations to make sure if GALLO was the right way to go for use, I listened to other organizations and came back convinced that being a gallo was the right thing for me to do, ever since I joined this organization my grades have improved greatly and I attribute this to the help of all my brothers.