Cameron Roper


Position: Fundraising Chair

Major: Comparative Ethnic Studies

Minor: Zoology

Year: Senior

Nickname: El Samurai

Initiated: Fall 2015

Line: Alpha Omicron “Los Conquistadors”

Hometown: Olympia, Wa

Cameron is currently a certified Comparative Ethnic Studies major at Washington State University while also intending to receive another degree in zoology. His goal is to graduate in both fields as he loves the biological sciences of the animal kingdom while he also believes it is essential to keep himself  balanced with an education within the liberal arts that builds critical thinking skills. He lives by a strict, disciplined approach and is heavily tied  with his morals. Though he carries this type of approach to life, he still loves to show benevolence towards others and always wants to display respect towards the people who he values closely.


At first Cameron never thought of himself joining a fraternity. But once he met with a bunch of the members along with learning about the values that they live by, he then knew that Gamma Iota Omicron would be the fraternity that would carry him into success for the future while also having a long-lasting brotherhood.